For 8 years, iPhone has provided exceptionally good services. All aspects of using an iPhone have an air of superiority, but there is something different on your screen. Due to the exceptionally superior screen, iPhone repair should be done with care. When it comes to mobile phone repairs, especially the iPhone screen, then you need to have knowledge about certain facts about the iPhone screen. With a Retina Display that goes from $ 45 onwards, the iPhone screen is really very expensive. The screen of an iPhone is composed of phobic oil lining. The special property of this coating is that it repels the oil. Therefore, you should handle the screen really carefully so as not to damage it. All these facts make you learn tips to avoid repairing the iPhone screen.

In case you need to clean the screen of your phone, follow the steps given. First, unplug the phone and then turn it off. Clean the fingerprints found on the iPhone screen. You can do this with the help of a microfiber cloth. Use this cloth to gently wipe the screen. Start from the top and then reach the bottom, wiping it thoroughly. Remove all fingerprints you see on the screen. Do it in a circular motion by rubbing it gently and get rid of all the substances you see in it. Be careful not to push the screen too hard as it could remove part of the phobic oil liner. In the case of sticky substances, you can rinse the cloth with water, tighten and moisten the cloth. Keep in mind that excess water can have an adverse impact on the screen. Also, do not allow moisture to settle on the screen for a long time. Immediately after this, wipe it with a dry cloth.

The material used to make the screen of an iPhone is the gorilla glass that is very resistant and at the same time is resistant to stress. The Gorilla glass thus used has a greater holding capacity compared to the others. One of the most expensive things related to the iPhone is the replacement of the iPhone screen. The original LCD of the iPhone is difficult to differentiate from those that are imitations. The OEM quality on the iPhone screen is the only factor that sets it apart from the other. To recognize which of the screens is OEM, you must know certain things. The OEM screen has a protector that is purple backlight protector. It also has a line on the LCD flex which is yellow in addition to the flexible cable LCD that has a sticker on it. In addition, the other features are the 2D code found on the top front of the screen clearly and the clear cable of the digitizer screen that has the Apple brand. You will find the headset mesh and front camera mount installed.

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