Since buying the truck tyre is pretty close to dealing with a huge expense, maximizing tire life can provide the owner significant savings. Experts believe that the Intrinsic Value of truck tyres will drop but you can actually control how fast it drops. The tyre giants of this industry have tried to communicate the tire management and maintenance program. So let’s dig in to discover the ways that help in maximizing the tire life;

Select the Right Tire

Commercial tires are mainly designed for the specific categories of operation. Therefore, it’s highly essential to pick the right kind of truck tyre as per the driving needs. For sure, it requires enough knowledge regarding the fleet’s activities and all the major routes. For the obvious reasons, the tyre choices would vary depending upon the driving like either its inner city or the highway driving.

The Class 4-6 truck segment uses a slip sheet driver setup especially for the situation when the truck is constantly on the move. In that case, the trucks require steer axle tires that are mainly designed for a regional application. Conversely, they might even require a line/long-haul tire depending upon the geographic range of all their deliveries.

Avoid Premature Wears

Most of the tires, including truck tyre, wear out prematurely resulted from the irregular wear. The tread, usually, wears off unevenly across the face of the tire that compromises the smooth drive gradually. It happens due to the misalignment, improper inflation, failure to rotate the tires properly, and out-of-balance tires etc.

Avoid Driving Aggressively

Including the sudden starts and stops, the aggressive driving produces excessive wear on tires as well as on other components of truck. It usually shows up on tires as either flat spots or locked-up brakes. Consequently, such driving behaviors would lead to great losses in many ways. Any attempt that’s mean to deliver more goods or it’s about the faster deliveries actually result in a more expensive way to run a business.

Building Relations Will Pay Off

Having at least good terms with the tyre manufacturer would surely turn up lucrative in terms of locking the best deal at favorable price. In that case, the dealers play a significant role because they can be exceptionally beneficial procuring & maximizing the tire investments. Experts have found many fleets jump from dealer to dealer and manufacturer to manufacturer in order to buy on prices along without actually saving money.

Almost every popular manufacturer in the current market owns a customer care department. This particular dept. is simply purposed not just to generate first sale but get the repeat purchases mainly because this business actually depends upon the long term business relationships with buyers.

In a nutshell, it’s possible to maximize the life and performance of the Falken tyre but the mentioned above measures need to be followed. The long lasting truck tyre is no less than the lucrative outcome for the buyers because it saves from extra-cost that would have popped-in frequently.


It’s highly essential to maximize the life of the truck tyre. Just check out the article and learn how.