When you tell your friends back home that you’ve hired a maid, it’s possible they might think of you relaxing in an armchair and sipping tea breathing a sigh of relief. For sure, the reality is quite different as you already have tons to handle like working a job, managing home, giving time to your family, social life, important event invitation and much more. That surely turns up justifiable for you to contact the best Maid agency Dubai.

While hiring the housemaid, here are few important to-dos that you must keep in consideration;

Decide the Task First

Once the Maid agency Dubai sends the maid at your place, be straight and simple while outlining the tasks that you expect from her such as vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, mopping, Cooking (maybe) and etc. It’s best to come up with the detailed lists that mentions almost everything so that would avoid any possible confusion in future after the maid is hired. It’s also useful to make things reasonable as she should not start to feel that you might pile on work later.

Set Expectations

Let her know about your expectations. For example; if you are very mush obsessed with ultra-clean and tidy place and you want it to be spotless, then just make it very clear to the maid as she would be the one to look after all these things. If you are strict towards punctuality, mention it clearly. If you won’t appreciate the long phone conversations while at work, you have rights to let her know about this as well. Ground rule should be made very clear at the beginning. This way, you won’t have to keep finding faults as the time passes by.

Come Up with a Reasonable List

Since you are not dealing with a machine but a human being while hiring a housemaid, it’s essential to not to expect more than fair share. One should avoid giving extremely annoying yet menial tasks to the housemaid. For suppose; you have hired someone for cleaning so you can’t expect them to cook as well. It would surely not be fair with the housemaid so just be reasonable while expecting.

Fixing No. of Hours with the Agency

Almost every Maid agency Dubai usually charges hourly or there may be other alternatives as well. They also have conditions regarding minimum No. of hours that your new maid should work. In fact, such conditions are also added in the contract. In that case, the employer (You)

should be reasonable, but don’t feel guilty about making her do the assigned tasks, as you are paying. Besides, don’t cluster up extra tasks just to fill in the hours.

Summing it up, it’s highly essential to keep these point into consideration as it would help in keeping things on the right and smooth track. Hiring housemaids is very common nowadays but employers have to be reasonable while maintaining their own rights as well. This will help you continue with your life without having to worry about housecleaning stuff.


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