In order to save some money, more consumers are having their cell phones repaired rather than replacing them. Clogged headphones, water damage, and cracked LCD screens are no longer reasons to replace a cell phone. These problems are all repairable and most often for a considerable less expense than the cost of a replacing a cell phone. Therefore, the next time you drop your cell phone in a sink full of water, the sink, you have some options prior to heading out to buy a new cell phone.

Typically a manufacturer’s warranty is only good for a single year on cell phones that have been bought new. The manufacturer will decide if the problem is covered by warranty prior to accepting it. If it is covered, you will receive a new cell phone as opposed to repairing it.

Some service providers have repair shops while others don’t. You will have to check the location that is closest to you.

Cell phone repair shops are becoming increasingly common. There are franchises that can found in nearly every state. Do some research when you select a location. You should ensure that the technicians have the proper experience and that they have had the proper training, either by a cellular repair training center or by an experienced technician. You should also find out if they offer a warranty on their repair service.

Some problems may be re[paired at home, and some, such as water damage should be repaired as soon as possible which makes repairing the cell phone at home a viable option. There are many websites on the Internet that will provide numerous cell phone repair tips. Although some of these repairs may be best left to the experts, knowing how to dry out a cell phone is not difficult and the fact is that repair the cell phone immediately may be the difference between salvaging your cell phone or not. In order to salvage a cell phone that has water damage is to remove the SIM card and the battery immediately.

One thing to remember is that most cell phones come with a warranty for a limited amount of time and in the event it stops working within that time frame, you can take it back and see if the problem is covered under your warranty. If so, the manufacturer will either repair your piece for free under the warranty or have it replaced. Either way the cost factor will be covered without your having to foot the bill.
Even if your cell phone can’t be salvaged removing the SIM card out is crucial to recover your data. Try to remove as much water as possible and use some paper towels to get it as dry as possible. Next, allow it to sit somewhere to let it dry out, preferably in a dry and warm place. Leave it there for a few days prior to replacing the battery. If the cell phone still won’t work, you may have to take it to cell phone repair shop for replacement or repair.

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