If you operate a business in a city as large as Toronto, you know how hard it is to stand out from the crowd. Social media marketing (SMM) can give you the edge.

With a population of over 5 million in the GTA, the market is huge, but so is the competition. Social media marketing offers an affordable and relatively easy marketing solution. The key is to learn how to do it right. Social media marketing training can teach you how to harness the power of social media.

The Value of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a multi-channel approach to marketing. It uses social media sites, social bookmarking, blogging and articles to help generate interest in your business. It’s really like the next incarnation of word-of-mouth marketing. Instead of people chatting about you, they are linking to you and sharing those links with friends.

Consider an example:

* A social media marketing company has a blog. The blog appears on the company’s Website, with posts linking to other pages on the company’s site. People using Google to find information about Toronto marketing firms stumble on a blog post, which links them to the company’s site.

* The company has a Facebook page. It adds blog posts as notes on its Facebook page. People finding the company through Facebook share the blog posts with other Facebook users. Some users seek out the blog for more information, and find their way to the company’s main site.

* The company also writes a series of articles and posts them in an online article database. These articles also link to the company’s site and appear in Google search results.

* The company’s articles and blog posts are included on a social bookmarking site, increasing the chances of links being shared.

None of these initiatives have cost the company money, yet they have increased the company’s inbound links and attracted interested prospects. They have also led people to share links to their blog posts and articles, which, in turn, link to their main site.

With social media marketing training, you can learn which sites and techniques are best for your business. You can develop a strategy to ensure your social media marketing is manageable. You can create an editorial schedule for your blog posts and articles, so you know what you are writing about and when you need to post. (Fresh content is critical to success in SMM.) You can learn all about RSS, and the difference between social networking and social bookmarking. You can also learn some basics about optimizing your content to attract targeted traffic to your business.

An investment in social media marketing will pay off immediately. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of businesses. Get started with social media marketing today and get ahead of the competition
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