Writing a dissertation is a hard-held task for many UK students. This academic activity becomes more daunting to the students’ confidence levels when things like educational loan bother them. Some of these students prefer to get their dissertation done from genuine UK based online help services. They feel that such services can enable them to deliver dissertations that will lead them to shining results.

Dissertations are serious assignments
Many students in the UK are unable to deliver dissertations that can help them score good marks since they don’t take them seriously. Such students feel that dissertation writing help is as simple as writing an essay. But the reality is far from what these students can imagine.
UK students weak at dissertations need to understand the basics differences between a dissertation and other academic assignments like essays. They are stated in terms of a few parameters as follows:
* Choice of subject:
Dissertation assignments give the freedom to UK students for picking a topic of their choice. The literal meaning of a dissertation is an extended piece of assignment writing on a particular topic or subject. There are few instances when the dissertation’s subject/topic choice is provided to UK students by their supervisors. In other assignments like essays, the topic is usually provided by the professors where UK students don’t have any choice.
* Word Length:
Dissertations are known for their huge word count. It goes beyond three thousand words and ranges from ten to twenty pages as per the institute’s requirement. Other academic assignments like essays are comparatively shorter than dissertations generally of around fifteen to twenty five hundred words.
* Debatable nature:
Dissertations have a debatable nature and hence it doesn’t restrict itself from just examining a subject. Dissertations go beyond subject examination and analyze numerous viewpoints related to that subject. Other academic assignments like essays aren’t meant to justify the students’ findings or viewpoints towards a research work.
* Literal meaning:
The literal meaning of dissertation is to debate as stated by its Latin Meaning ‘dissertare.’ Other academic assignments like case studies, book reports, etc. need not necessarily debate on their provided topic.
* Scholarly tone:
Dissertations require UK students to state their research work and findings in a scholarly tone. Such a tone is crucial since it forms as the basis to attain degree certificates like Ph.D. in the particular study area and research further. Other academic essays like persuasive essays may follow a casual tone if allowed.

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